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Pico day!!??

2008-04-30 14:23:51 by OblivionStudios

Made a movie for Pico Day, I wasnt going to submit it because my drawing tablet stopped working and it wasnt quite finished, but I watched it again yesterday and decided to submit it, yay.

I think it turned out Ok, I will make sure to finish it though. I have an awesome idea for an ending.


Madness Day!

2007-09-22 16:47:01 by OblivionStudios

Well today is Madness day and my first submission ever.
Some fun facts about the Madness: Newgrounds

1. 7000+ frames
2. 59 layers
3. Almost exactly 4 minutes long
4. Made it in 2 weeks ;o
5. Flashes spoofed were
- Alien Hominid
- Brakenwood series
- Salad fingers
- Weebl and Bob
- and of course Madness

I may make a sequel since the ending left you well.. wanting more. Also I will be adding more flash movies I made earlier.